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Wedding Party

Meghan Revelle – Maid of Honor

Meghan and Tiffany were office mates (and desk neighbors) in graduate school at William & Mary. They were the only two single ladies in the office amongst a bunch of guys and Meghan showed Tiffany the “grad school ropes,” bringing her along to various social events. Their uncanny resemblance to each other leads to frequent questions of whether they are sisters (even confusing Tiffany’s father in a Halloween photo one year, he mistook Meghan for his own daughter). Tiffany was Meghan’s maid of honor in her wedding a few years ago, and now Meghan gets to return the honor.

David Bryan – Best Man

Tiffany and Dave met in the halls of academia, Tiffany was looking for a Master’s project topic and her advisor, Bruce Lowekamp, had two PhD students who needed help on their projects, Dave and (his future wife) Marcia. Tiffany chose to work on Dave’s topic which led to a successful Master’s degree for Tiffany as well as a job offer to work at a startup Dave created (along with a handful of other folks from W&M). Both have moved on to different positions now but enjoy reminiscing over NAT traversal and SIP protocols every once in a while, along with hanging out via Google Hangouts (Dave and Marcia currently reside in California), cooking, drinking wine and being entertained by their son Alex.

Jeremy and Dave met through the Computer Science program at William & Mary and through our mutual friendship with Tiffany.  Jeremy and Dave have a mutual interest in all things geek and their ability to talk for hours about topics which often bore both Tiffany and Marcia has made for a great friendship. It could be computers, power tools, business, or the best wine to pair with sausage, conversation topics never cease. Not all things are in line though, and Jeremy and Dave disagree on enough topics that the discussions are always lively.

Dave, Marcia, Tiffany, and Jeremy have spent many evenings over great dinners and tasty wines talking late into the evenings and we are thrilled that Dave will be joining us for our special occasion.

Jason Alley

Jason and Jeremy met while they both worked for the College of William and Mary in IT. While originally in different sections, Jeremy very wisely joined the office where Jason worked (originally by camping out in the conference room down the hall from Jason’s office). Once Jeremy moved, he had the great privilege of sharing an office with Jason.  Jason has since moved up to Pennsylvania where he works at Lafayette College helping people use technology to learn.

Jim Deverick

Tiffany met Jim in graduate school at William & Mary. The summer of 2005, while she was working as a student intern in the Web Services office, Jim was a “techie” (aka, tech support) for the computer science department. Somehow (neither remembers exactly how) they decided to hang out together, build a poker table during lunch breaks, and they have been friends ever since. They consistently enjoy watching random TV shows, movies and card games together as well as practicing their cooking skills.

Jeremy and Jim also met at William & Mary where they both were very slowly moving through their programs (Jeremy because he took 6 years to get his Masters; Jim because he took on the longer challenge of a PhD.) Technology has formed a basis for much of their friendship, but forays into volleyball and a long running membership in the local bowling league has rounded out the partnership.  Jim also relieves Jeremy of the necessity of watching too many reality TV shows with Tiffany and for that Jeremy is eternally grateful.


Arielle Kovalich

Arielle is Tiffany’s cousin on her mother’s side. Way back when Tiffany was in 2nd grade and her aunt asked what she would like her new cousin to be named, Tiffany excitedly responded with her favorite (and recently released) Disney princess, Ariel from the Little Mermaid, and with a bit of spelling/pronunciation tweaking, the name was accepted. In more recent years Arielle and Tiffany have begun to enjoy going to the casino and venturing into tasting wine together as well as hanging out with family up in Pennsylvania.

Amy Taylor

Amy and Tiffany have known each other since Kindergarten. They were best friends all the way through elementary, middle and high school and then Amy went off to be smart at Princeton and get various graduate degrees, and now she currently works in LA. Despite the distance and time between visits, whenever they get together they always fall right back into the same groove, and rehash the same silly jokes and bad stories over and over again.