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About Us

Beyond offering us an outlet for our combined geekiness, we created this website to share our history and stories to people who may know only one of us before now.  Marriage is a joining of family and friends and that starts with learning more about the parties involved.  Our website is one small part in sharing about ourselves and the things we have done together since we met. A small window into our life.

Here are some brief notes on our history before we met; the rest of the website contains stories since.


My parents are Roger and Donna Broadbent, a retired VA State Police officer and a dental hygienist. I grew up in Warrenton, VA and went to Highland School all the way from Kindergarten through high school with a graduating class size of 25 people. I went to the University of Richmond and came out with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (with a minor in Mathematics), spending a lot of my time with folks from Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity (of which I was president my senior year). I then decided to avoid the working world for a bit longer and get a Masters in Computer Science the College of William and Mary (which was ultimately a very good decision as this is where I met Jeremy). After working at two startup computer companies in the area, I returned to W&M to work for the Creative Services office, primarily on website and mobile application development and helping to manage and maintain the College’s social media presence.

Tiffany on Google+


While I think it is safe to say I am now a Virginia local, I am sure true Virginians still think of me as a Yankee.  I grew up in Trumbull, CT until shortly before high school before moving down to Virginia.  After three years in sleepy Madison County, VA attending Madison County High School (class size 99, I win!) I moved down to Williamsburg, VA which has been my home since then.

I attended the College of William and Mary for a Bachelor’s in Physics before leaving the world of academia.  I’ve been quite lucky in being able to stay in the Williamsburg area to work with a number of great companies doing everything from computer security at 3GI and GuardianEdge to lots of things at the College of William and Mary.  Since I was not busy enough, I decided to go back to William and Mary as a student to get my Master’s in Computer Science where, through our common love of Alias, volleyball, photography, food, and wine (and general geekiness) I met Tiffany.

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