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So as many folks may know, when I have my choice of desserts, pie is by far at the top of my (and Jeremy’s) list. Fruit pies, chocolate pies, mousse pies, you name it. I’m ok with cake and will have it on occasion (especially when said cakes are made by a baker friend of mine) but the only kinds of cake I really like are pound cake, angel food cake (is that even considered a cake?) and my mom’s carrot cake. Maybe it’s the (typically super sugary) icing that gets me, or the texture of the cake itself, but when thinking about what dessert to have for the wedding reception, I’m looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding cake.

I’ve seen wedding cupcakes, but they’re really just cake too. There’s the Krispy Kreme doughnut “cakes,” and I am always a fan of Krispy Kremes (especially ones hot and fresh from the conveyor belt, yum!), but I’m hoping to find something a little bit more refined. So I am on the quest to find a suitable wedding pie (or pie-like) dessert. The best contender so far is a french dessert known as a “Charlotte” but that is more of a tart than a pie (although I’m certainly not opposed to that) involving berries, custard and ladyfingers. Or there’s always a dessert buffet