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Proof we get out from behind the camera, often in foreign countries

Every once in a while we will decide to get some photographic proof that we were actually where we said we were, oftentimes with the good ol’ hold-the-camera-in-one-hand option (always done by Jeremy, he has much longer arms).

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Chicago in the Fall

Sometimes I try to surprise Tiffany, but I am not very good at it.  This trip however, I was doing great; until United messed things up by sending her an email letting her know to prepare for her upcoming flight. Damn.

All I had told Tiffany was that we had a long weekend planned and that it would be a bit cooler than Williamsburg.  I had tried to play it up so that it sounded like we were heading up to the mountains around Charlottesville, one of our favorite destinations.  But that was just a trick.  We had mentioned many times that we both wanted to spend some time in Chicago.  I had flown through the city so many times but never stopped to visit.

We didn’t have a huge amount of time in the Second City, but we got to visit the Field Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry.  As expected we had a heavy food themed trip with the key event being dinner at L2O, an amazing gourmet seafood restaurant. The most exquisitely executed service I had ever experienced.

Want to know more? Tiffany does a great job documenting our trips in her blog entries below and we both took pictures.


Along the Bosphorus

The past two years we’ve managed to make a habit out of traveling abroad for a wedding in the late summer. In September 2010 we traveled to Istanbul, Turkey (in August of 2009 it was to Latvia…a post or two will come on that later). The whole city seamlessly ties together its European, Asian, and Middle Eastern influences with only the Bosphorous river (with all of its shipping and commerce) dividing the city and the geography into it’s European and Asian continents.

You can read our complete adventure on my personal blog (which is just about the only time I post on my blog lately, as a travel-log) but the highlights for me were:

Jeremy and I (as always) took lots of photos: