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Chicago in the Fall

Sometimes I try to surprise Tiffany, but I am not very good at it.  This trip however, I was doing great; until United messed things up by sending her an email letting her know to prepare for her upcoming flight. Damn.

All I had told Tiffany was that we had a long weekend planned and that it would be a bit cooler than Williamsburg.  I had tried to play it up so that it sounded like we were heading up to the mountains around Charlottesville, one of our favorite destinations.  But that was just a trick.  We had mentioned many times that we both wanted to spend some time in Chicago.  I had flown through the city so many times but never stopped to visit.

We didn’t have a huge amount of time in the Second City, but we got to visit the Field Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry.  As expected we had a heavy food themed trip with the key event being dinner at L2O, an amazing gourmet seafood restaurant. The most exquisitely executed service I had ever experienced.

Want to know more? Tiffany does a great job documenting our trips in her blog entries below and we both took pictures.