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We have chosen…wisely

Just wanted to put up a quick post with a few links to some other weddings that have been held at Pippin Hill. All of the photos are gorgeous and the winery really looks stunning, I definitely think we made the right choice of venue.  (although seeing these photos makes me realize I have a lot of stuff I still need to do! eek!)

P.S. Anyone know which movie this blog post title is referencing? anyone?


Not double sumo sized

Jason will be disappointed, but we did not get double sumo sized cards to send out. But our Save the Date cards arrived! And even at 6″x8.5″ we think they are pretty cool.

We did the basic design a few months back before we had even found a location. The front is an image of two flowers that Tiffany took back in 2008 shortly after we started dating. I wonder if she could have imagined what it would be used for later? We built the cards using InDesign and then sent them off to Modern Postcard for printing.

The hope is to get them sent out in the next few weeks. We still need to finish setting up the information online about suggested hotels and travel methods. Our plan is to give people all the information they need right away if they want to start making plans early. Since many of the people coming will be related to us, we figure we must have gotten that psychosis from somewhere.

We really like how they came out.

(An aside to any other married couples to be; printing at Modern Postcard is quite reasonable.)

A picture is worth…

People keep telling us that we are getting so much done early.  Maybe this is true, but we can’t really help ourselves.  Beyond the location, food, and wine, Tiffany and I both felt that our choice of photographer was going to be key.  I think we also secretly were scared that we would so overwhelm a photographer given that we are ourselves photographers that they would run away.  Thankfully that was not the case.  We found the perfect person!

We’d like to welcome Sarah Der to the geek wedding extravaganza!  (Hopefully she doesn’t mind we stole her picture over there.)

She was recommended to us by photographer friends of Tiffany’s.  Through our email conversations with her (where we bombarded her with questions and links to weddings we had shot), she was excited and thrilled that we were interested in her work.  She has pictures on her website, but also has a great blog which showcases much more of her work.  We really love her fun, quirky style.  She does a great job of capturing the moments in weddings and showing the emotions of the people.

We met with Sarah in Richmond last weekend at Secco and had a great lunch (with tasty wines). Sarah in person is exactly like Sarah in email.  Fun, quirky, and very very excited.  She shares our passions for great food and wine, and of course good photography.  She just celebrated her first year in business and we love that we are able to help her expand her business.

I think she will do a great job of helping two people who hate having their pictures taken actually muddle through it.

Proof we get out from behind the camera, often in foreign countries

Every once in a while we will decide to get some photographic proof that we were actually where we said we were, oftentimes with the good ol’ hold-the-camera-in-one-hand option (always done by Jeremy, he has much longer arms).

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