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It worked!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.

More updates to come as we collect photos and stories from all around.

– Mr. and Mrs. Beker

P.S. Thanks to the amazing Sarah Der for this sneak peak photo.

We have chosen…wisely

Just wanted to put up a quick post with a few links to some other weddings that have been held at Pippin Hill. All of the photos are gorgeous and the winery really looks stunning, I definitely think we made the right choice of venue.  (although seeing these photos makes me realize I have a lot of stuff I still need to do! eek!)

P.S. Anyone know which movie this blog post title is referencing? anyone?


A year from today…

…we will be getting married! Yes, it’s true, we have set a date and a location.

After narrowing down our choices earlier this month, Jeremy and I have had the arduous task of visiting wineries throughout Virginia, tasting all of their wines, and taking in the views and facilities at each winery. Two weeks ago we visited six wineries, narrowed the list down to a top two, and this past weekend my parents came with us to visit the finalists. Both made a good showing, each with their own strengths, but in the end Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards in North Garden, Virginia (about 15 minutes southwest of Charlottesville) was selected for it’s gorgeous location, (nearly) all-inclusive wedding package, excellent regional and seasonal food, nicely done website (mostly kidding ;) ), and beautiful venue options for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

And the date? 366 days from today (as 2012 is a leap year) September 28, 2012. Apparently this is also the birthday of at least three friends so it has to be a good day right? I also realized that 28 is the sum of Jeremy’s and my birthday days (August 11 and 17), so that date was meant to be right?

We’re really excited to have this one big step completed in the wedding journey, now we have to figure out everything else! (Who wants to come wedding dress shopping with me? :) )