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Wedding Gifts

As we both had established households (and pretty fully stocked kitchens), we are well-off on most of the essentials.  However, there are a few things we’d like to have (or replace) for our home and we’ve put together a list of those items:

Wedding Registry (hosted by Amazon)

We opted to maintain an online list of items that come from many different stores.  Many of these items are available for purchase either online or in a physical store, but we ask that if you buy something in a retail store that you come back and mark the items as purchased. Some of the items on the list are single items, but others we would like to get multiple sets (glasses, etc.).  For each item, there is a quantity requested which will decrease as others mark it off as purchased.

Honeymoon Fund

As we do not have a huge number of items for our home that we need, we would greatly appreciate help with our honeymoon. We will be cruising over the ocean and through the Panama Canal, stopping by a few Central and South American ports along the way, and we want to be able to share this journey with everyone.  As a special thank you to anyone who contributes to our journey, we are offering special gifts in return for your sponsorship towards our trip.

If you have any questions, contact information can be found on our Contact Us page.

Contribution Sponsorship Gift
Yay! $10 Our gratitude!
Super Silver $25 One, genuine handwritten, personalized postcard from somewhere they have post offices.
Grandiose Gold $50 A perfectly serious, not silly at all, ok maybe just a little bit souvenir from somewhere warm.
Über Shiny Diamond $100 A customized video message from the two of us taken in some extremely dangerous and exotic place.
Super Acuity Platinum! $250 A customized photo book composed of high quality, superior photography (by us of course) capturing photons bouncing off of things.
OMG Rly?! Ultra Quintuple Paladium $500 A giant even more customized than the Super Acuity Platinumpeople get photo book composed of high quality, superior photography capturing photons bouncing off of things. And a secret gift that is so secret we don’t even know what it is yet.