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We are clearly fans of social media.  It is even Tiffany’s job.  Between that and our tagline “Our Geek Wedding,” there are high standards for this wedding.  Below find out all you need to know and more importantly how you can participate.


The social media outlet we all love to hate!  Give up your privacy while sharing things with us!

JEB & TLB – Our Geek Wedding

Share pictures and comments with us.  Find pictures from the pre-wedding events and most excitingly, follow the live photos taken at the wedding itself.

“Fetching the mail. #bbwed” by mreve511 (aka, Matron of Honor)


What is Instagram, you ask? It is a great, simple way to take pictures with your smart phone and share them with your friends.  Our wedding buddies, Terry and Ashleigh, pioneered the use of everyone’s smartphones to take pictures of everything related to their wedding, not just pictures of their guests, but pictures by their guests.  This is the modern equivalent of having disposable cameras on every table. You can read their post on the topic: YOU be the Photographer at our Wedding! (They had over 200 pictures taken by their guests during their wedding. Cool!)

But why wait until the wedding starts to get started?  You can do it now! Follow these simple steps when you get your invitation:

  1. If you use Instagram now, great!  If not, you can download it for your iPhone or Android phone.  It is simple.
  2. Create yourself an account!
  3. Take a picture of something related to you and our wedding
  4. Post it to Instagram using the hashtag #bbwed (this just means include the text “#bbwed” in the title of your picture)
  5. Your picture will automatically be included on our Wedding Facebook Page: JEB & TLB – Our Geek Wedding
  6. Take more pictures!

As we get closer to the wedding, we want you to take more pictures.  They could be your preparations and journey to the wedding, behind the scenes pictures, and of course, many pictures from the wedding itself.  Our Facebook page will become a live-stream of the whole event.  You can also see the current pictures linked to #bbwed on Webstagram.

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