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Along the Bosphorus

The past two years we’ve managed to make a habit out of traveling abroad for a wedding in the late summer. In September 2010 we traveled to Istanbul, Turkey (in August of 2009 it was to Latvia…a post or two will come on that later). The whole city seamlessly ties together its European, Asian, and Middle Eastern influences with only the Bosphorous river (with all of its shipping and commerce) dividing the city and the geography into it’s European and Asian continents.

You can read our complete adventure on my personal blog (which is just about the only time I post on my blog lately, as a travel-log) but the highlights for me were:

Jeremy and I (as always) took lots of photos:

So Starts Our Adventure

Welcome friends! As we embark on this new adventure, we wanted to put together a site which had information about the wedding, the plans, and how we got here. As we get closer to the events, we will be sharing more information with everyone, but for now, we wanted to have a place where we could share stories about us.  How we met, things we’ve done, things we love.

We hope that you follow along with us as we make this new journey together.

-Jeremy & Tiffany

P.S. Pay attention closely as there may be hints and and clues to what will be happening in all of our posts. Or not. Who knows?